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Use Our Freight Cost Calculator for an Instant International Shipping Quote

Do you have tight deadlines and don't have the time to work out the best shipping routes and total freight costs?

Then try our instant online freight quote tool. As freight forwarding experts with industry experience, we understand the frustrations that many clients have when trying to obtain a comprehensive freight quote. For this reason, we developed our online freight calculator software to enable clients to obtain fast, stress-free freight quotes online.

Our free freight rate calculator provides quick results and determines accurate freight costs, ultimately allowing you to ship your products faster. The Freight Quote Online interactive calculator provides LCL, FCL, Consolidation, Break Bulk and Roll-On, Roll-Off quotes to transport shipments to destinations on every continent.

Air Freight Quote

Use our air freight quote online calculator to obtain a comprehensive quote to ship your goods to any destination across the globe. Secure the best freight quote available and eliminate the stress of having to shop around.

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Sea Freight Quote

Our ocean freight shipping quote covers every detail of the international shipping process. We provide the best shipping rate from the most suited carrier according to your specifications.

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Container Dimensions

Shipping container dimensions and specifications are a fundamental element to obtaining an accurate freight quote. There is a wide range of containers available to accommodate the international trading needs of exporters and importers alike.

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A Freight Distance Calculator
That Delivers the Goods

Our multifunction calculator calculates distances and shipping rates between air and seaports the world over.
No distance is too great or too little.

Fast Freight Rates & Free Quotes

Compare air freight and sea freight rates. Obtain instant free quotes. Eliminate stress, save time and ship fast.

Your Options

Do you need to keep your freight costs to a minimum? Or is it more important to transport your goods to their destination quickly?
Freight Quote Online can help you find the most economical answer to these questions.

Sea freight is the most economical mode of transportation for oversized, large and heavy shipments. Whereas, shipping by air freight is the most reliable way to transport time-sensitive consignments across long distances. The choice is yours; your goods will arrive at their destination within the specified timeframe and according to your budget. So, if you need an accurate, reliable distance and shipping time calculator, try Freight Quote Online and get the answers you need immediately.

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